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Ayurvedic Vegan Massage Benefits

Perpetuate "Longevity," Define Gravity

Harmony & Balance
"Tranquility, Cultivating, and Elevating”

Ayurveda is ancient healing infusing Ayurvedic herbs great for the mind, body and spirit and constitution composed of a Dosha, _ Vata, Pitta, and Kapha a combination of the five different elements.

Because we understand the importance of maintaining harmony and balance, we are introducing Ayurvedic Vegan Massage to our menu to perpetuate your "longevity," and total rejuvenation.


Why we use Shirodhara oils?

It supports mind, body, soul & spirit – this traditional Ayurvedic blend includes:

Five unique herbs:

  • Ashwagandha – calms the mind, support function of the adrenal gland, promotes body aptitude to resist stress, restful sleep, energy & vitality

  • Shatavari – a tonic for men & women, support fertility & libido

  • Bhringaraj – for healthy hair and memory

  • Skullcap – insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, nervous tension

  • Brahmi/Gotukola – supports the function of the nervous system, promotes intellect, and attentiveness

Infused in Sesame & Sunflower oils

  • Sesame oil – healthy hair and skin, prevents wrinkle, great for infants growth and improves sleep, respiratory health, lessen anxiety, relieves arthritis, boosts heart health

  • Sunflower oil – tridoshic oil, hydrates & nourishes the skin, great for insomnia