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Pain Management & Physical Rehabilitation

Restore Your Health Through Training and Therapy 

Physical therapy uses therapeutic exercise, physical modalities, manual therapy and electrotherapy, assistive devices, patient education, and training to preserve, augment, or restore movement and physical function compromised by disease, injury, or disability.

Change Your Life Today.

General Physical Therapy & Sports Therapy + Rehabilitation

A field of medicine called Physiatry, or physical therapy and rehabilitation, strives to improve and restore functional ability and quality of life for those with physical impairments or disabilities. General physical therapy is performed to help with any chronic pain management plan, providing exercise advice and techniques to help relieve discomfort. Sports therapy and rehabilitation speed up injury recovery and injury prevention in athletes and exercise participants. 

Targeted Clinical Myotherapy + Guided PEMF Technology 

Raise your frequency, and stimulate your healing! Guided Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy activates your healing process at the cellular level. The practitioner help accelerate the healing process by directing an electromagnetic field into the patient's body with the assistance of Electrons+. The technology's ability to measure tissue health is what sets the device we use, Electrons Plus, apart from other PEMF devices. Where to treat can be felt and seen by the practitioner. 

Shoulder Treatment
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