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Acupuncture, HerbalRX & Supplements

Integrative Holistic Care

Acupuncture is a five-thousand-year-old holistic healing medicinal art. Acupuncture is a technique that involves inserting thin, sterile disposable needles into acupuncture points in the body to have a physiological impact. The acupuncture practitioner addresses the entire individual, mind, and body rather than simply the symptoms. Our holistic, integrative practitioners who provide quality physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healthcare integrate traditional medicine and teachings, tuina, herbal and supplement management, coaching, meditation, and more. Let us help you connect with one of our doctors and practitioners who meets your needs and can see you, online or in person.


Is it necessary for me to take Chinese herbs? 
Most of our patients at the Institute of Integrative Health Specialists and Holistic Wellness Center are prescribed Chinese herbal medication and supplements. When used in combination with acupuncture and nutritional treatment, Herbal medications aid in the regulation of blood flow throughout body. Herbal medications also aid in the strengthening and improvement of organ and gland function, allowing them to work at their best. Herbal medications complement acupuncture treatments because they regulate blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and repair faults in the organs and glands. They also play an essential part in the road to better reproductive results.