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Why Choose Thalia?

Over the years, eliminating corn, dairy, gluten or wheat, maltodextrin, monosodium glutamate, and other unnecessary ingredients in her family's sensible diet turned into a personally rooted journey. Here is why! Her gifted son Shai, a practically vegan baker, at a young age he developed allergies for all the allergens above and more.

She set out on this lifelong quest to miraculously restore her son's health, which turned fiercely into her family's lifestyle. It has been between seven and nine pivotal years since she completely removed corn, gluten, and dairy in her family ordinary diet. Her charming daughter Lael, due to this change, is the family's herbivore. Naturally, her daughter dislikes meat and love fish, greens, fruits, and vegetables. 

As for her son and her, she had to get extremely creative. She began cautiously putting her own Caribbean and Indian twist to mainstream recipes, so her children not only enjoy food but suitably acquire a taste for healthful eating. Her nutritious meals are naturally for healing and spiritually rooted for optimal health.

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