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Find a Holistic Healthcare provider who meets your needs.

Our Approach.

Institute of Integrative Health Specialists and Holistic Wellness Center is a group of holistic, integrative practitioners who provide quality restorative physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional care. As a holistic healing collective, we offer each member an integrated experience in traditional medicine and teachings, manual and bodywork therapy, herbal and supplement management, coaching, yoga, meditation, and more. Let us help you connect with one of our doctors and practitioners who meets your needs and is available to see you online or in person. ​

Get accessible and personalized holistic healthcare in-person or from the comfort of your home.

Connecting you with us.


What are you looking for?

You’ll be asked a few questions to help us tailor our suggestions.


Personalized suggestions.

We’ll share who from our team is the best fit for your needs and preferences.


Pick the right therapist.

Schedule a consultation with your recommended providers.

Fact-Based Health Care 

The findings of medical research support integrative health practices. This is referred to as "evidence-based medicine." Furthermore, integrated health care is founded on the following integrative medicine defining principles: 


  • You and your practitioners are collaborators in your healing. 

  • Your care team considers all aspects that may influence your health and wellness, including your mind, body, spirit, and community. 

  • When conventional and non-mainstream approaches are utilized in tandem to boost the healing response, your body recovers best.

  • The holistic approach promotes the use of natural, less intrusive treatments. 

  • Holistic health practitioners do not dismiss traditional medicine or adopt alternative therapies without thoroughly reviewing the evidence for their usage. 

  • Your care team recognizes that improving health and avoiding disease is crucial to identifying and treating your discomfort or sickness. 

  • Holistic health practitioners adhere to its ideas and constantly explore and develop themselves.

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