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KENEP: A tart, delicious Caribbean fruit...Read NOW in Culinary Botany™ 09/2023!


Culinary Botany™ is our quarterly magazine celebrating the incorporation of food as healing into daily living. Born from Dr. Micah's love of cooking, and her need to cook healthy yet delicious recipes to help with her son's allergies, Culinary Botany™ is a wellspring of nutrition information, free from our practitioners to you!

In our September 2023 issue, we introduce the Ayisyen (Haitian) fruit Kenep, the herbal properties of Damiana, and the benefits of Contrology (pilates) to your wellness practice!

Check out Culinary Botany™ 9/23 HERE, or Download Below:

923 Culinary Botany Vol. 6
Download PDF • 14.78MB

Want a preview? Scroll through some of our issue highlights!

Thank you for reading! In the comments below, let us know if there are specific featured ingredients, or recipes, you would like to see in future issues of Culinary Botany™!

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