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Reduce Inflammation with Beets

Beets can reduce inflammation anywhere in the body, you definitely want to try.

In a time like today where we are so detached from Nature, She calls out to us in subtle messages in the plants around us, giving us ample opportunity for healing and for nourishment. She gives us tailored medicine that we need directly from her roots.


Fall in Love with Mother Earth

It is our medicine!

# Supports the Spleen

Sweet & warm

# Contains Nitric Oxide

Opens the blood vessels

Regulates our digestive system

Calms the mind

One distinct example is beetroots. Their vibrant colors in both gold and red varieties are her presents to us for healing at the blood level. It is through this vegetable that she urges us to reconnect with our ancestors.

Even though we laid them to rest in the pockets of Earth, they are rich resources for guidance. Deep within our blood, our ancestors flow within us, and deep within our roots we will find ourselves. Traditional Chinese Medicine, a healing system deeply rooted in food as a lifestyle, urges those who are blood deficient to add beets to their daily intake. A blood deficiency is a common occurrence for those who lead busy lives,

Jillian Wright, Author

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JUNE Culinary Botany Vol. 1
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