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Octavia Callahan

Integrative Reiki Healer

Thank you, intuitive soul, for stopping by. Ms. Octavia does not believe in coincidences and is thrilled your paths have crossed. Like most healers, Ms. Octavia had a troubled childhood and deep-rooted issues that have trickled into her adult life. In 2005, she attended Silicon Valley College in Emeryville, CA, where she studied massage therapy. It was no coincidence her teacher, who was spiritual and introduced her to the concept of energy healing. At the time, she did not realize the impact and importance of this to her future calling.

In 2017, Ms. Octavia obtained her Reiki certifications and is now part of the "International Reiki Association." In addition, she started her practice where she offers Reiki healing & Intuitive Coaching. Ms. Octavia is passionate about bridging the gap between mental health and spiritual wellness; she has developed a unique technique for helping her patients reduce stress and release emotional trauma. She explains once the emotional side of things is addressed, this will aid in relieving stress, pain, and trauma, allowing our physical and energy body to activate natural healing abilities.

(832) 382-1825

Octavia Callahan
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