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RA Khepr Ptah

Sound & Reiki Healer and Swimming Coach

RA is a certified Reiki Practitioner of Arat RA activity healing for three years with several healing sessions, both personal and group guided therapy which includes not only energy work Arua and Aritu (Chakra) along with cognitive reprogramming and purification of negative thinking patterners. Using Sound Healing is one of his significant facilitators of the healing work through Crystal singing bowls, chants, and positive affirmations to bring oneself to a peaceful, stress-free state of being to a connection to spirit to be established. My life as an Arat RA practitioner is healing myself, my family, my community, and the world to raise the vibration of love.

Coach RA is the owner of Big Splash Swim School, which has been in business for 5yrs with the coaching
staff having over 20+ yrs. of teaching experience. Big Splash has served every level, from frightened
adults to children with autism or any disability that would seem unlikely to be able to swim, and we have
delivered. Bridging the gap of benefits of this lifelong skill can provide so much with the maintaining
or strengthening of our health.

(832) 382-1825

RA Khepr Ptah
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